How to Remove Background from Image Powerpoint

Remove Background from Image Powerpoint

In this post, we’re going to talk about How to Remove background from image Powerpoint. When we take own photos especially selfies, sometimes we didn’t get a good background.

That’s why people think to remove background from the picture and insert a new background, what they like.

Removing the background from the picture is slightly difficult but it is very easy to insert a new background by adding two pictures.

If you want to know then, I’ll provide you the easiest way to Remove Background from Image Powerpoint.


  • ·         Laptop
  • ·         Microsoft Office installed
  • ·         Open Powerpoint

NOTE: I am using MS OFFICE 2013 version in this Tutorial, So If you got little changes, You don’t need to worry about.

How to Remove Background from Image Powerpoint

Step 1: Open powerpoint

powerpoint 2013

Open your Windows PC then search for powerpoint. I am assuming powerpoint is already installed in your system.

Step 2: Click on INSERT TAB then Click on PICTURES

click on instert and pictures



Step 3: Select image from Your PC

select image from pc


Step 4: Click on Remove Background

click to remove photo background


Step 5: Select the Full area of the image as you can see the purple area in an image. This is background we’re going to remove Then Click on Keep Changes

Remove Background from Image Powerpoint
Remove Background from Image Powerpoint
Wow all done now…!!!


  • ·         Click File Tab>>Save image without background…enjoy.

Now you can insert any background image in this photo.

See friends, remove background photo is so easy and it takes a couple of minutes as you can see in this tutorial.

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