That 1 Secret to Score Top in Wordle

Score Top in Wordle

Here We’ve found the 1 Secret way to Score Top in Wordle and it has driven the internet crazy in recent times. People are so much found and addicted to the game.

If you’re worried about a high score in Wordle, then you have come to the right place, that 1 secret to Score Top in Wordle.

How to Score Top in Wordle

For the oblivious people here is a short glimpse of what is wordle all about.

Wordle is a word game played daily, invented by Josh Wardle. Wordle can only be played once in 24hrs.

Score Top in Wordle


The game Wordle is later bought by The New York Times for a huge amount. The purpose of the game is to find out a 5-letter word.

The game gives you six chances to guess a five-letter word, showing them in different colors if you get them right.

The Two-Step Strategy

It is haunting when we are stuck at any particular score for a long period. It keeps us awake all the time. For such people, here is the two-step strategy. Applying this strategy will keep you beating your score and improve your IQ.

Simple Starter Words

Starter words play a vital role in the wordle game. The starter words consist of vowels and consonants.

Using them makes the task easy to crack, so this is one strategy to maintain your high score.

Score Top in Wordle


We use many starter words in our game, but today I will give you the right words to use.


The word train itself contains the most used top seven letters. This word will help you get the correct letters often in the right spot.


The next word is CLOSE. It consists of two vowels and also has the top 10 most used letters. It depends on the word you have to guess, the mentioned starter word would give negative results in seldom cases, but using it is not an odd choice.

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