PUBG GFX Tool: Fix Lag Best Settings for PUBG Mobile

PUBG GFX Tool: Fix Lag Best Settings for PUBG Mobile

If PUBG Mobile is Lagging on your Android Device then I am going to share with you PUBG GFX Tool to Fix Lag, also the best settings for PUBG Mobile to play and enjoy without lag.

PUBG Mobile is a Heavy Game right now, Only High Range Smartphones can support PUBG Mobile game smoothly but it doesn’t mean that you can’t Play PUBG Mobile Fast and Smooth on your Android Device.

You Can Play PUBG Mobile without Lag even if you have a Slow Android Device also you can easily play PUBG Mobile on 2GB RAM Android device without lag by Applying my best settings for PUBG Mobile and PUBG GFX Tool will help you to get the Best PUBG Mobile Gaming Experience on Cheap Android device.

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Let me tell you, What Exactly you have to do for getting a lag-free PUBG Mobile Experience on your Android.

Firstly, You need to make some changes in your PUBG Mobile Game Settings in Graphics section then I will show you how to install and use PUBG mobile GFX Tool on Android to get optimized and lag-free PUBG Mobile gameplay.

Best Settings for PUBG Mobile

PUBG GFX Tool: Fix Lag Best Settings for PUBG Mobile

Here, I am showing you to make these changes in PUBG Mobile settings to improve your PUBG Mobile gaming performance and get lag-free Experience.

Firstly, Open PUBG mobile and open the settings then click on Graphics option and Select Graphics Option as Smooth and Frame Rate as Low. It will Reduce Lagging in PUBG Mobile gaming.

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PUBG GFX Tool: Fix Lag Best Settings for PUBG Mobile

The Best way to Fix Lag in PUBG Mobile is to install PUBG GFX Tool and use the best settings for PUBG Mobile and fix all the PUBG lag issues.

PUBG GFX Tool: Fix Lag Best Settings for PUBG Mobile

You need to Install the GFX Tool Application from Playstore for free then open the Application and make these changes.

As you can see in the Screenshot, you need to select the GFX Tool version. I suggest you select the Global version then you need to changes the Resolution, Graphics, FPS and Anti-Aliasing settings in this PUBG Mobile GFX Tool Application.

Install PUBG GFX Tool

1. Resolution

Click on Resolution in this GFX Tool and Select low Resolution which works best according to your Android device. Selecting low resolution will significantly reduce lagging and improve PUBG Mobile gaming Experience.

2. Graphics

Now, Click on the Graphics option and Select So Smooth Graphics option. After Applying the So Smooth Graphics option, You will get 100% Lag-free experience in PUBG Mobile with a guarantee.

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3. FPS

FPS is Frame Per Second, On Slow Android device I suggest you use the lowest available Frame rate or 30FPS.

4. Anti- Aliasing

Anti-Aliasing option consumes Battery very fast. Disable this option to get the best PUBG Mobile no lag Experience.

So, these are the most important settings you need to use in order to get PUBG lag-free Experience. If you like this post, Share with your friends and if this post helps you in reduce PUBG Mobile lagging, share your thoughts in Comments.

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