Apple HomeKit getting ditched by Eve: Shocking!

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The recent news says that Apple HomeKit getting ditched by Eve. So, it is. Eve has announced that he is going to ditch Apple’s HomeKit with the new Android version of his app.

He said that the new version of his android app will release later this year, confirming that, it intends to expand from being an Apple-only smart home company.

Is Apple HomeKit getting ditched by Eve?

Eve has confirmed that its selection of gadgets will be compatible with smart ecosystems other than Apple HomeKit. It is all done by using the IFA tech expo in Berlin to announce the change, he added.

Eve is one of the most extremely seldom third-party businesses that has never provided support for more than one ecosystem itself. Eve’s expanding collection of smart sensors, switches, and plugs will of course be compatible with Matter.

They continue to add thread support across its selection of smart home accessories, which will give a chance to them to use Alexa, Google Home, and other smart things.

As we do know, Eve offers the world’s largest portfolio of Thread-enabled devices which are ready to be updated to matter with a free firmware update, that will be available later this year.

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