How to Download Paid Apps for Free from Android Market

Download Paid Apps For Free Android Market

In this post, How to Download Paid Apps For Free from Android Market.

Google Playstore is the most popular market for android applications and games provided by google.

Almost all android user including you & me knows well about Google play store but also many people don’t know there were many other Android markets is available on the web.

You can download from the millions of free application and games but also many application has paid on google play store, after all, it’s from Google.

If you want to install any paid app or game, so it’s obvious you have to pay for it and I know some pro versions of applications are expensive to buy on google play store.

The only point is you want to pay app but don’t want to pay for it, want it for free, right!

So, here I am telling you after a lot of research on this topic, yes! You can download paid android apps and games for free very easily.

How to Download Paid Apps For Free from Android Market

There are 2 verified ways to download paid android apps and games for free.

Method #1:  Blackmart Alpha

I’ve found this is the best way to download paid apps and games for free, just download Blackmart Alpha Android market.

Blackmart Alpha also called as the Black market is an Android apps store, where you can download and install paid apps and games without spending a single piece of money.

Search for any app on Google play store which is paid and then searches the same application on Blackmart Alpha.

This market will also show you to paid option at the place of install app but when you’ll click on install, the app will start installing on your android device.
Blackmart Alpha Download Paid Apps For Free Android Market

Blackmart Alpha Download Paid Apps For Free Android Market

We have provided the Blackmart Alpha app, you can download from the given link below.


Tip: Try method 2nd only when you won’t get the desired app and game on the Blackmart Alpha market.

Method #2:  Finding Paid apps for free on The Web

This is also the easiest way to get paid apps and games for free but you have to find the app you want for free.

If you want a paid app for free by searching on the web, so this is the whole case of keywords and it all depends on keywords that you’re trying to search on google search engine.

This is not difficult for you to understand, how to search for something on the web but I am giving a basic example of searching on the web to get the stuff that you want, without wasting time.

Example: Suppose I am trying to download the MX player pro app which is paid on the Google play store. So I’ll search keywords like MX player pro apk download and I’ll definitely get the desired result on google search.

The formula of searching- app name apk download

Many websites provide modified and paid versions of android applications and games for free and you can get download links easily on those types of websites.

Having a question, suggestion or anything you want to say just feel free to write in comments and let us know how’s your experience about this post.

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