How to Get Username of Instagram Login with Facebook Account

instagram login with facebook account

In this post, We’re going to show you How to Get Username of Instagram Login with Facebook Account.

If you’re Using Instagram by signing in Login with Facebook for many days and wish to get a specific Username and Password instead of Login with Facebook.

So yes you can get the username and no need to use this method anymore for using an Instagram account.

Username-password Login is beneficial in some cases like you have a specific Login like other accounts.

Suppose if you accidentally lose your Facebook account so it will not affect your Instagram account.

Yes! it’s an important security step for your Instagram account because if you’ve enabled username-password Login on your Login with a Facebook Instagram account.

If your Facebook account got hacked or in case you unable to access your Facebook account, Go on! with Username-Password Login as well as If you lose your Instagram’s Password and unable to recover it, Go Login with Facebook.

Awesome isn’t it.!

Follow some simple steps and you can Enable username-password login from Login with Facebook on your Instagram Account.

How to Get Username of Instagram Login with Facebook Account

Step 1: Open Instagram App and log out your Active Account and Log in again

instagram App

You always get login through “Login with Facebook” but if you want a username-password login for your account, click on “Get help signing in”.

Step 2: Click on Send an SMS

click on send an sms

After clicking this option you need to Enter Mobile number associated with your Instagram account.

Step 3: Enter Mobile Number Associated with Instagram Account

enter associated mobile number

Enter the Mobile Number associated with your Instagram account. If you have any Confusion about whose number is associated with your Instagram account so firstly you need to check the associated number, you can find the number on your Instagram profile.

Step 4: Check your Message Inbox

instagram login with facebook account

Instagram Will send a Password reset link on your mobile inbox. Simply click and open the link in your phone’s Browser.

Step 5: Enter a Password

instagram login with facebook account

The link will redirect you on Instagram’s create new password page, simply create a password and click on Reset Password.

Now you have a Password and you already have knowledge about your Instagram username.

Go to Instagram, Login your Account Enter your Username and password, also the good thing is now you’ve both Login options (Login with Facebook) as well as (Username-Password) Login.

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