How to Hide IP Address on Android Phone

How to Hide IP Address on Android Phone

In this post, We’re going to talk about How to Hide IP Address on Android Phone.

IP (Internet Protocol) Address is like an online identity, Every device has own and unchangeable IP Address.

But in Android devices, We can temporarily change the IP address by simply using a free VPN (Virtual Proxy Network) Application.

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How to Hide IP Address on Android Phone

Here are the 3 main questions, and the answers will definitely help you in clearing all doubts.

1) What is an IP Address?
2) What is VPN and how it works?
3) What are the benefits of Hiding an IP Address?

What is an IP Address?

The Internet service provider (ISP) assigns an IP Address for your device when it’s connected to the internet.

Whatever you’re doing on the internet, your activity can be tracked anytime.

If Someone does something illegal by using the internet so cybercrime department officers. They can find the location of anyone by just using an IP Address.

The IP address is just like your online identity card.

What is VPN Service and how it works?

VPN ( Virtual Private Network) is a service can be used to mask an IP address. For Example, My Original IP Address Geolocation is showing in India Country.

But by using VPN service I can hide my original IP Address and I can use a fake IP Address Geolocation by using another country like the United States.

VPN service hides the original IP Address and covers with the different IP Address temporarily.

What are the benefits of hiding an IP Address?


1) Surf Anonymously: Install Free Vpn Application and surf anonymously by hiding your online identity.

2) Visit Any Website on Web: Visit any website, comment on any website, your activity will not be tracked.

You Can visit any website which is not available for your country, you can also visit any blocked website by using VPN Service.

3) Enjoy Those Apps and Games which is not Available for your Country: Pokemon Go game was the first release in the U.S then after some days in India.

But at that time when Pokemon go was not available for Indian users, I was playing this game in India because I was using VPN by setting United States Country, I hope you get it.

4) Feel Free to Surf on The Web: Surf anything without anything restriction, if you’re using VPN service, your activity can’t be tracked.

How To Hide IP Address

Step 1: Check Your Device IP Address Geolocation

How to Hide IP Address on Android Phone

Firstly, Check your IP Address original location by searching on google, just type “My IP Address” on google search bar then Google will show your IP Address.

After that click on any website you get a search result, you will get the all desired information on IP Checker websites and you will get all details about your IP Address including country, state, city, etc.

Step 2: Install Tunnel Bear From Google Play

Tunnelbear vpn

The tunnel Bear is a VPN provider application for Android. The good user interface, easy to use and it gives 500MB per month for using VPN Service and if you want unlimited data, go with premium.

Tunnel Bear is a decent application but in case you did not find this app helpful, simply try another free VPN app. There are many applications is available on google play for providing free VPN service.

Step 3: Create Account, Select any country and start Browsing Anonymously

How to Hide IP Address on Android Phone

Enter Email and password to create a free account.


Tunnelbear vpn apk

Select the country, tap to connect and you’re all ready to surf anonymously.


Step 4: Check your IP Address has changed or not after using Tunnel Bear VPN service

How to Hide IP Address on Android Phone

After connecting VPN service, Search Again your IP Address Geolocation by typing on google “My IP Address”.

This is the simplest way to check VPN service is working properly or not.

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