How to Read Someone WhatsApp Chat

How to Read Someone WhatsApp Chat

Hello Friend, Here I come with a new post on how to Read Someone WhatsApp Chat of your victim, friend or near one and we’re providing you the easiest way.

Normally hacking is not easy but in this post, everyone can steal chat of someone who’s near.

For Example- You found somewhere your girlfriend is cheating on you, so you want to steal and check your girlfriend chat to make sure that your girlfriend is cheating on you or not.

So Let’s start…!!!

How to Read Someone WhatsApp Chat

STEP 1– Get your victim phone and check file manager, find the WhatsApp folder.

STEP 2– Send the complete folder on your phone. ( Use shareit or xender  for fast transfer.)

NOTE: Do step 2 fastly and secure yourself because after this step you don’t need your victim’s phone.

Now you’re free, The most difficult part was taking WhatsApp folder and if victim’s folder is on your phone, you can do further steps with your phone anytime.

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STEP 3– Now uninstall your WhatsApp App and paste your victim’s WhatsApp folder where your WhatsApp folder is located.

(Before moving, rename your WhatsApp folder Example, rename from WhatsApp to whatsapppp..if you forgot to rename so your WhatsApp folder will be merged with victim’s folder, get it

STEP 4– Reinstall your WhatsApp App again and when your WhatsApp App being processed in backup/restore chat …it can restore your victim chat in your account and you can check anything chat from the past.

STEP 5– So if you want to restore your own chat, Clear data your application from going into settings then application and then whatsapp.

And rename your WhatsApp folder from WhatsApp in the real name(WhatsApp). (see in step3)

STEP 6– Again when your WhatsApp app being processed…you can restore your chat again.

Follow these 6 steps and will definitely Read Someone WhatsApp Chat. One thing I want to say hacking is illegal. This post is for education purposes only.

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