How to Get WhatsApp Recorder App and Camera on your Android

Whatsapp recorder app

What’s the need of WhatsApp recorder app and Camera On your home screen/separated from Whatsapp Application?

This question will definitely be coming in your mind. I tell the answer when you want to send the WhatsApp recording app to anyone there is no option for reviewing your recording. It just sends good or bad your recording is.. you can only listen after it sends.

For example, You are singing a song for your girlfriend on the WhatsApp recorder app. So you want to re-listen Your recording to ensure that your recording is Sendable or not.

But unfortunately, you can’t do that. After reading this complete post, you also can do this trick.

Talking about WhatsApp camera, some people love the look of WhatsApp camera and searches on the internet for finding WhatsApp camera application, that’s why in this post we’re providing the trick for both WhatsApp recorder & camera.

Hello friends, in this post we are going to show you how to get WhatsApp sound recorder  & WhatsApp camera in your android phone.

we all know that there is no WhatsApp sound recorder & WhatsApp camera application available in the play store.

But we can find and get WhatsApp recorder app and camera shortcut from WhatsApp application by following some steps.


Firstly you have WhatsApp application installed on your phone.

How to Get WhatsApp Recorder App and Camera on your Android

Step 1: Install Nova launcher from google play store. I m also using nova launcher in this tutorial.


Install nova launcher and set as default.

Step 2: Tap on the Home screen for 3-5 seconds, then a pop-up will be shown

click on Android homescreen

Step 3: Click on shortcuts

android homescreen shortcut


Step 4: Click on Activities


nova launcher activities


Step 5: Click on WhatsApp


activity select app


 Step 6: Find “Record with Whatsapp & Whatsapp camera, click on both one by one


record with whatsappwhatsapp camera


Step 7: App icon will be added to your home screen

whatsapp app icon

Now you can use both WhatsApp recorder and WhatsApp camera from your home screen.

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