How to Activate Windows using Command Prompt

activate windows

In this post, I am going to show how you can activate windows by using command prompt very easy to execute this trick and it takes only 1-2min and the best part is this works like you’re using Genuine windows OS.

People install windows in the system but always search on the internet for some kind of some activators. I know these software works but I am talking about these tricks.

By this trick, you can reset your 30 days trial pack and you have done this trick again after 30days expiration of windows, got it.

This trick actually resets the trial counter, that’s the reason it is the oldest trick to activate windows and still works.

How to Activate Windows Using Command Prompt


Follow some simple steps and make your window genuine:
1. In your laptop Type CMD in the search box.
2. Then CMD Icon will show, right-click on CMD and run as Administrator.
3. Now type in CMD,  Slmgr –rearm (see in the pic below)

How to Activate Windows
4. That’s it, alert message will be displayed after the above step that you need to restart for changes take effect.

5. Now just restart your computer and see your window is now genuine.

NOTE: Make sure you’re typing the right keywords if you did any mistake in typing the command will not work.

This is a very easy tutorial as you can see anyone can activate windows by using this command prompt trick but if you facing any problem, don’t worry just write in comments and please Follow, share our posts for getting better user experience.

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