How to Chat Without Internet on Android

How to Chat Without Internet on Android firechat

In this post, I am going to show you How to Chat Without Internet on Android. Yes! you can chat with a friend or a group of friends using the internet, wifi or anything.

WhatsApp is the most popular Chat Messenger Application used by Billions of peoples from all around the world.

With the help of WhatsApp, you can chat with friends, neighbors, relatives or anyone on End-to-End Encrypted Network over the Internet.

You can chat through WhatsApp whenever you online, but what if you’re offline.

There is much Android Application allows you to chat or send a text without an internet connection.

Here is the Top 4 List of Android Apps that allows you to chat or send text offline.

  • FireChat
  • The Several Mesh
  • Zombie Chat
  • Signal Offline

These all Applications are Free available on Google PlayStore.

This FireChat is the Best Application for sending text Offline, that why I am going to give you a tutorial on How to Send Message, text or chat without Internet Connection.

Whatsapp, Facebook, We chat, Line or many Messenger applications are tremendous but only you can chat with someone by using these Applications, you need to have an active Internet Connection.

FireChat is an Offline Chat Messaging Application that allows you to chat or send Text without Smartphone Internet 2G, 3G, 4G or without Even Wifi.

This Application works like a Walkie Talkie and it’s completely safe. You can chat with Office colleagues on a Private Topic.

This App works on Peer to Peer (P2P) Mesh Network, In Peer to Peer, If A sends a Message to C and if C is not in range of A, so the message will bounce from A to B to C.

In Simple Words, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger has a central server but FireChat is working on P2P Mesh Network.

These Types of Applications (Firechat) called Off-the-Grid Apps. This App Allows you to chat up to 200 feet from your location.

How to Chat Without Internet on Android

Step 1: Install FireChat from Google Play

firechat app

This Application is Available for Free on Google PlayStore, Download the App and follow the further steps.

Install FireChat


Step 2: Create an Account

firechat apk

Sign Up on Fire Chat, Create an Account By Entering Simple Details.


Step 3: Enter Full Name and Create a Username

How to Chat Without Internet on Android

Enter your Full Name and Create a simple username, so that you can easily remember whenever you need it.

Step 4: Enter Email Address

How to Chat Without Internet on Android

Email Address is very necessary you’re your Account security.

This is the only way to Recover your Account, whenever stuck in the sign-in process. So make sure you have entered all the original details and Email Address.

After that checks the mailbox and confirm the Email received from FireChat.


Step 5:  Sign in Your Account through Phone Number, Email or Username

How to Chat Without Internet on Android

Sign in your Account by using anyone by phone number, email or username, just Enter and click on sign in.


Step 6:  Invite Friends and Start Chatting Offline

How to Chat Without Internet on Android

Look in your contacts and send the invitation to your friends and start chatting without the Internet or wifi.


Step 7: Explore Other Features

How to Chat Without Internet on Android
FireChat Application has many other features like, Send Private Messages(Encrypted), Create own Online chat room and chat with friends or Join Other’s Chatroom.

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