How To Change Drive Icon in Windows

Today I am going to show you how you can change your Windows PC/laptop’s Drive icon.

If you’re getting bored with Highly Boring default drives icon in your Windows Laptop or PC, so it’s the high time Change those old icons with the new elegant drives icons.

Yes! You can change drives icons in windows system, also you can choose from a large number of collections of drive icons.

See here below screenshot of my Windows system’s drive icons.

How To Change Drive Icon in Windows

Great isn’t it! I know you’re pretty excited to change the icons of your boring drives with super cool drive icons. Check out the below screenshot to see all drives icons from my collection.

How To Change Drive Icon in Windows

Actually, I have these few icons in my collection but if you like some of these icons from my small collection, simply you can download all icons.

I am providing a downloadable link, I have uploaded all icons in form of .zip file you can get the download link below.

I am suggesting you download this icon file, you can follow the process without any hard work.

Without making this simple trick complicated, I am going to show you the easiest way to change drives icons in windows.

Note: Only .ico image extension is supported as windows drive icon, other image extensions are not supported for this purpose like .png, .jpg, .gif, Got it.

How To Change Drive Icon in Windows

Seven Drive Icon Changer is the best software for changing drive icon in windows, just download this software in windows system.

Seven drive icon changer software doesn’t need any installation If you’ve downloaded this software so just open and start using it.

This software allows setting any custom .ico icon for windows drives as well as for network drives and removable drives.

After Download, open the software and follow the simple steps provided with screenshots below.
How To Change Drive Icon in Windows.

See how easy to use this software, screenshot says everything just starts using it.

This software has a very simple interface and you can use it anytime to change the drive icon in your Windows system so that you’ll never bore to see the drives icons.

How to Download Custom Drive icons

You can search the web for icons only .ico extensions. Wait! Don’t waste your precious time searching.

I’ve already searched for you and I found some good website, check it and again I am reminding you to download icons only with .ico extension.

Only .ico extension is supported for windows drive icons.

These are the top three websites for providing icons and I am damn sure you can find your favorite icons in these free icons websites.

Having a question, suggestion or anything you want to say just feel free to write in comments and let us know how’s your experience about this post.

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