How to Login Windows 10 Without Password

How to Login Windows 10 Without Password

In this Tutorial, you’re going to learn How to Login Windows 10 Without Password. We’re using software named Kon-Boot for bypassing the Password of Windows system.

Kon-Boot is a Good Windows Software, you can bypass windows password in just a couple of minutes, just one Enter and you can access Windows System and this software doesn’t reset the password. It allows accessing the Windows device without Entering a password.

In simple words,  If you want to get access to someone’s windows PC, So just restart the system and plug-in your USB Pen drive then Kon-Boot will do the rest of everything.

When you prompt the Windows Login Screen, don’t Enter any password just leave it Empty, Hit Enter and start using the Windows PC, yes! it is simple.

This Tutorial is also very helpful for those who lost windows password and unable to Access own’s Windows system.

How to Login Windows 10 Without Password


Step 1: Download Konboot from Official Website

konboot software

Kon-Boot is a paid software available for Mac also, download from the official website and if you want kon-boot software for free, contact us.

Download Kon-Boot From Official Website


Step 2: Insert USB and Format by selecting FAT32 File System

How to Login Windows 10 Without Password

Insert your USB Pen drive on a Windows system and Format it by selecting a FAT32 File system.

Tip:  Don’t Remove the USB Pen drive until you get access to the system, After getting access in the Windows system you can remove your USB Pen drive.


Step 3: Open Kon-boot Folder, then open subfolder Kon-bootUSB >> Click on usb_install_RUNASADMIN.bat

How to Login Windows 10 Without Password

After Downloading Kon-Boot, Open the Folder, just follow the screenshot and open kon-bootUSB Folder then double click on usb_install_RUNASADMIN.bat then just wait kon-boot will do the rest of the process of setting up USB.


Step 4: Now Your USB Pen drive is ready

konboot software

Your USB Pen drive is all ready, Now your USB Pendrive is not just a Pen drive, it’s a Windows Password Bypassing Device.

Step 5:  Change Windows Boot Setting, Set USB as a First Boot Device

How to Login Windows 10 Without Password

If you want to hack the windows login password, you need Change windows Boot settings.

Open Boot Menu and select USB/Removable drive as a First Boot Device so that Windows device can read your USB pen drive when it’s in the booting process, it’s an important step.

Restart your Windows Laptop/PC, See the Screenshot, when the system is in the Booting process press 5-8 times( DEL, ESC, F2, F9, F10) one of the listed keys when device logo start showing.

(It is depending on your system’s motherboard, Find out whose key work in your system for going into boot menu).

Step 6: Set USB as First Boot Option

boot setup utility

After completing the previous step, Boot Menu will be open, click on Boot tab and Set USB/Removable drive as a First boot option. That’s it, your boot setting is complete.


Step 7:  Restart Windows PC then Kon-Boot Window will be open

konboot software

Restart Windows system after restarting you will see a kon-boot window opened on the screen.

Then allow the system to start the password bypassing process by Hitting the Enter key.


Step 8:  No need to Enter Password again, just Hit Enter key and Access the Windows System

How to Login Windows 10 Without Password

After restarting the system, you will see a Windows Login Screen, but this time you can Access the Windows PC without having a password.

Simply hit the enter key and start accessing the whole PC.

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