How to Make Bootable USB Windows 7

How to Make Bootable USB Windows 7

Hello friends, In this post, we’re talking about How to Make Bootable USB Windows 7. There is much software available for making a Pendrive bootable.

But today I will be going to tell you the benefits of making a bootable USB without using any software.

This is a (CMD) command prompt trick, by using command prompt you can make your Pendrive bootable with ease and it takes just a couple of minutes.

So what is the need to download software if you know, how to make Pendrive bootable without using any software.

Note: Please make sure Pendrive doesn’t have any important data because the process deletes your all data in the Pendrive.

How to Make Bootable USB Windows 7

OPEN COMMAND PROMPT: In Windows, click on search and type CMD, then command prompt (cmd) icon will be shown in the list of programs, right-click on cmd and run as administrator.

Now type in the command prompt:

How to Make Bootable USB Windows 7
How to Make Bootable USB Windows 7

diskpartlist diskselect disk 1 (choose  the USB device, you will recognize it by its size, see in image)→clean (this will erase the USB)→create partition primaryselect partition 1activeformat fs=ntfs (this will format the USB drive and will take some minutes to complete the process.) →assign (this command assigns your Pendrive with a drive name in (H): or (G): )

Your Pendrive is bootable now, you can check by going into my computer Pendrive logo will show as a CD.

Tip: “→” means you need to hit enter.

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