How to Copy and Download Website Online

Download Website Online

Today I am going to show you, How to Copy and Download Website Online. It’s very easy now to copy or download a website with all the content like text, video, and images. So, stay with me and read the whole post to learn, how you can copy a website.

In the creative mind there so many ideas develop within a seconds. I am also one of these persons who think creatively and now you’re reading this post, It means your creative mind pulls you to search for creative things like this.

When you trying to create any website and don’t know what to do, one thing will definitely come in your mind that starts from here.

If any website attracted you most, then you start thinking about how can I get this website.

You don’t have knowledge about, It also happens to me, I am telling you the story about Copy a Website.

Before start blogging, I don’t have any knowledge about how to set up a website, domain, hosting anything, at that time my thinking was I will copy any website and with some modification.

I will have a complete website without any hard work, It is working with my another website, I will mention about this some another day.

The important thing the fact is you can copy any website but knowledge is more important. I am saying this because one of my friends used HT Track and copy a website and invest lots of money on hosting & domain.

After some days he realized that he doesn’t have the capability to maintain or run a website.

I am just giving you advice, copy website for fun but if you seeing a career on the website, try to create or buy a good website is definitely worth for you. After so many searches I found a software that has phenomenal features.

HT TRACK WEBSITE COPIER is a windows software and this software is very effective, fully functional with lots of features about copy a website, like this software, can copy a single web page.

If you want this software can copy the whole website, several pages easily for you and one more thing… this software can only work online.

Note: This software is available for Windows and Linux. You can download this software free from


Step 1:   Select destination Folder where copied website files will be install

httrack website copier

Firstly you need to set a destination folder where your copied website files and folder will be install. Choose a separated folder otherwise merging of different files may cause for your confusion.

Step 2:  Set a Project name for easy to locate

Download Website Online


Give a project name for easily you can remember and locate. HTTRACK will create a folder in your directory with your project name.

Step 3:  Select “Download website(s)” from the drop-down menu

copy any website online


After selecting this option, HTTRACK will download all files existed on the website you want to copy.


Step 4:  Enter the website’s URL you want to copy

Download Website Online


Click on add URL as you can see in the picture, enter the website’s URL you want to copy and HTTRACK will start the process of copy the website.


Step 5:  The website is copying now

how to copy a website

Once you have entered the URL, you can begin the copying process. This process can take much or less time, depend upon the size of the website.


Step 6:  The website is copied successfully, check out

httrack website copier online
Your website is copied successfully, now click on “browse mirrored website” see in the picture. Check out your website in your destination folder you’re chosen before.

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