10 Best Free Android Apps of 2022

Best Free Android Apps

Android is the most popular operating system in the world and today we’re going to uncover the 10 Best Free Android Apps of 2022. We all know that there were millions of useful and amazing Android applications available in the Google Playstore, but the question is how we can find useful Android Applications.

Don’t worry friends, After many searches on the internet. Finally, I found some top 10 greatest android applications you must want on your smartphone. Check out this list and I am sure, you will definitely find some applications useful.

List of Top 10 Amazing android applications you must check and remember my words… these 10 apps will change your Android Experience.

10 Best Free Android Apps of 2022

1. Parallel Space

Best Free Android Apps

Parallel space is one of the top-ranked applications and also I listed it as top on my list as well, By this application, you can use multi-accounts from the same application.

For example, if You have 2 Facebook accounts but can install only 1 facebook messenger or application, by this application you can create a clone-installed application of already has a Facebook messenger application then you can use your 2 Facebook accounts at the same time.

You can log in to multi accounts of social networking apps or game apps at the same time on one device, and this app work with offline apps and games as well.



2. AnimGIF Live Wallpaper

animgif live wallpaper

Many Android users want and always tried to search for how to set an animated .gif image(live image) as wallpaper instead of living wallpaper.

If you find some interesting .gif live images that can’t be used as wallpaper friends this app is only for those who want to set .gif as wallpaper. You can use any .gif image as wallpaper, try this app.

3. Fake SMS Sender


Fake SMS Sender

Fake SMS sender is a free android application. The purpose of this application is just for fun and to make fools of friends.

With this application you can send Fake SMS to yourself, These are 4 options you can check in this application Compose Message, Sent Messages, Draft Messages, Fake PhoneBook, and Mobile Phone. Just download this app and make pranks with your friends.



   4.  Buffer App

Buffer App

Buffer app allows you to share your post, photo, video, and text on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Linkedin all from one place on schedule.

Set the schedule of any post buffer will automatically share your post according to the schedule for your convenience.




5.  Tubemate


Tubemate is a youtube video downloader application. This application allows you to download youtube videos in many resolutions as per your requirement. I am also currently using this application, whenever my internet signal goes down and I want to play an online video.

So I can play online youtube videos in low resolution and you can download videos in ultra HD resolution as well. The low resolution doesn’t provide clarity but it can also provide bufferless running video on very low internet speed.

If you like youtube videos, you must try this application. This application is not available on Playstore that’s why I am given the download link below.

6.  Awesome Popup video

awesome video popup

This application provides to play the video with any other task, It can play video in a popup window. If you want to like multitasking like you’re using WhatsApp at the same time watch a video on a small video popup window.

7. Secret Video Recorder (SVR)

Secret Video Recorder (SVR)
A secret video recorder does background recording, NO preview, So you can use your phone as normal and No one can tell you are recording video.



8. Rage Comic Maker

Rage Comic Maker

Rage comic maker for android is an application that lets the user easily create rage comics on their devices. Many faces, images, and text are available in this application, just try this application if you like to create a comic on your android device.


9.  Knock Lock

Knock Lock
Knock lock is a very nice application that provides new interface locks and some new locks like invisible pattern locks, you can also change from a variety of themes for the lock.

Just download this application and you gonna like this application if you need an android lock.

10.  Network Signal Booster

Network Signal Booster

A network signal booster is a very good application. I am also using this application. This application provides fast internet speed.

The best thing is whenever we use the internet on the low network sometimes the internet does not work for a whole day and sometimes it’s not working for 3-4 days.

So guys, If you experiencing this problem just download this app and this app will work for you.

I recommend this application for those who are using poor internet provider sim on the 2g network.


So, How would you like the best android apps 2022 list? Tell me by writing in comments.

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  1. I really like Awesome Pop-up Video app compared to paying for YouTube red. But one thing that I really wish is implemented is being able to resize the player. It kinda covers a large portion of my screen and defeats the purpose of having a player outside of YouTube. It also would be great if there is a way to loop the music

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