How to Generate Reliance jio Barcode in any Android

Generate Reliance jio Barcode
Hello friends, In this post, I am providing you a trick for how to Generate Reliance jio Barcode 4g sim on any android phone.

I tell you a friend of mine told me about this trick and we’ll have thanks to him for sharing this fabulous trick with us.

I also get the Barcode by using this Trick and trust me this trick is 1000% genuine trick and if you try to find any trick like this then you are landed in the right place.

This trick for those who want Reliance Jio 4g sim but unable to generate the code.
So Let’s Do It,

How to Generate Reliance jio Barcode in any Android

What’re your Questions?

Q1) I have a 4G phone but didn’t get the code, what to do?
Q2) I have a 3G phone, How can I use 4g sim in the 3g phone?
Q3) Is there any way to get Barcode in the 3G phone?

Here are Your Answers.

Ans1) If you have a 4g phone from any brand and if you want to just get the Code then Read the full post carefully.

Ans2) If you want to get an answer and complete solution for (Q2) then Checkout this post {How to Use Reliance jio 4g sim in any 3g phone}

Ans3) Yes you can, just read this post carefully and you will definitely get the code. I must say with the trick you can get Barcode on any smartphone.

Follow Some Simple steps for getting Reliance jio Barcode for any android phone.

1)       Install My Jio app from here ( No need to download if you have already)

2)      Open my jio app you can see app list in the below image.
Click on “Install All

Download all applications showing in the list like…

   Jioplay, JioOnDemand, JioBeats, jioMags…Etc, there were 11 applications you have to download.

•These all applications you can get in MyJio application as you can see in the above image.

3)If you have all applications downloaded and installed in your phone then Close MyJio App and open it again and check-in My jio application upper left side a “GET JIO SIM” option will appear.

4)Whoaa…!!! All done now, Click on GET JIO SIM and Fill some simple options like location, state, name, e-mail…common and simple details you need to enter and after fill all details successfully you will get the Barcode looking like this.

That’s it, Having Any Questions related to this post so feel free to write in comments and If you like this post please help your friends and family by sharing this post.

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