How to Start a Youtube Channel for Beginners

How to start a youtube channel for beginners

You can earn lots of money, Anyways this is not our today’s topic we’re going to discuss how to start a youtube channel for beginners. we’ll discuss the importance of youtube in my later Article.

If you never upload a video till yet, think again, ok Let’s come to the point.

Guys In this article, I am suggesting you use some best Screen recording software for creating youtube videos.

Do you know? Every YouTuber uses a screen recorder software, Some very good software provides screen capturing and recording features like Filmora.

But if you’re beginner, this software has lots of features, too many features can create complications for you to understand and you’re a beginner that’s because

You need a targeted simple software to record a video and upload it, this is an amendatory thing.

Video Editing, Monetizing all are secondary things and you can do this anytime.

If you want to create a youtube video using any screen capturing software,  Mostly users create video from a smartphone android and PC Windows.

How to start a youtube channel for beginners

Create and upload a youtube video is difficult, Really Do you think like that?

 Some people have the talent to create quality videos, but they’re not uploading any video on youtube because it seems to be difficult.

If you still think like that, trust me you can create youtube videos very easily.

If you never upload a youtube video, listen to my words carefully maybe it will change your views towards uploading a video.

Think about to record a crafted video, or If you have knowledge about any Interesting topic, Share your knowledge on your niche by creating video and earn lots of money.

I like to give you my example: I also thought that first I need to create a video and upload it on youtube is slightly difficult.

But last week, When I was checking videos on youtube, I saw some bad quality and fake youtube videos get thousand, millions of views, then I decided to create a youtube video and trust me guys I have created 2 videos from screen recording software.

My 1st video is created from Smartphone and 2nd video is created from windows PC and you can get the both two software’s information and downloadable link between the post.

Back to the story, I was created and uploaded 2 videos, but I heard about the need to create a channel and bla..bla..blaaa…!

All these things are important but the 1st most important thing is to upload your 1st video on youtube.

I’ll feel honored myself if my story will become an inspiration for you to create and upload your first youtube video.

Check Youtube channel: Techsable

Just upload your first video, your 75% doubts will be clear. I will provide you deep information about every youtube element set up in my next Article.

Download Screen Recording Free Top Rated Softwares for Windows and Android

I have used 2 different software for screen recording, one for Android and one for Windows.

Both Softwares are Free, Easy to use, Provides Elegant design, great user interface, and the best part is both of two’s software are top-rated and tested for beginners.

You Don’t need to waste time on searching because Googlearner knows Time is precious, that’s why we’re here for you.

If you’re looking for something like this, Try this free software and I think this will help in creating youtube videos.

Screen Recording Software for Windows PC

icecream screen recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is an application for screen capture and taking screenshots. Icecream Screen Recorder can both take screenshots and capture video and you can even switch between these 2 modes very easily; Just press the button in the top left corner of the application.

One thing is confirmed that you can create a video by this screen recording software with ease.

Whenever you want to create a youtube video by screen recording software, just try this top-rated software for beginners and at the same time, it’s completely free.
Key Features Include:
★ Video can be taken with or without system sounds and microphone sounds.
★ Desktop icons could be shown or hidden. Users can use default hotkeys or create their own hotkey combinations.
★ The size of the area to be captured can be selected manually or users can choose one of the preset resolutions offered by the application.
★ It is possible to add graphic elements like arrow, circle, rectangle, random lines and text of different colors and thickness right to the working area of the application.

★ Recorded video can be paused and resumed at any second interval. Screenshots can be saved as image files to your PC’s hard drive, clipboard or you can even send them to Icecream Apps server and uploaded online for simple sharing.

Screen Recording App for Android


Az screen recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is the best Screen Recording application in android also it’s completely free.
With this app you can record screen capture screenshots, and also this application provides some unique features.

Key Features Include:

Magic button: a button that controls your recording without showing anything on the screen. Thus, your video viewers will solely focus on the app, the game or whatever you want to screencast.
Overlay front camera: you can record your face and your emotions in a small overlay window, which can be dragged freely to any position on the screen and customized to any size and opacity.
Countdown timer: is there something you have to prepare before recording? Don’t worry, the countdown timer will wait until you are ready to start and snap at the moment you want.
Draw on the screen: this unique feature is huge when making a tutorial. You can emphasize, draw a symbol or mark something with any chosen color directly on your screen.

Trim videos: the screencast can be long and contains unnecessary information, you can trim the parts you don’t want to make your videos even more impressive.

Conclusion: If you want to earn passive income from youtube, you only need to do is to create a simple video and upload and all the rest of the thing we’ll do for you.

In our next article, we’ll discuss creating a channel, monetizing and how you can set up a youtube account. If you like this Article on youtube or having any query, just write below in comments, we’ll help you.

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