How To Watch Earth From Space Live

Earth From Space Live

In this post, I am going to show you How To Watch Earth From Space Live. Watching an Earth’s view from space in real-time is just incredible.

Now Everyone can Watch Earth’s view by a camera attached to the satellite which is rotating around the Earth and powered by NASA.

This was impossible for a Non-NASA Worker to see the view from space but with time passes, NASA decided to open satellite Cameras live view for the public.

Now the result is everyone can watch our planet from space through two cameras attached to NASA satellite. This post is going to be amazing, isn’t it?

How To Watch Earth From Space Live

Step 1: Install This Application on Android

ISS HD Live App

International Space Station (ISS) is an Android Application where you can watch the outer space in HD.

Simply Open the below Google play link and install the application.

Install ISS HD live from Google play

Step 2: Choose From the Options

Spacewalk recorded

You can choose from different options like Camera HD, Camera SD, NASA TV, spacewalk and also you can also choose live camera view resolution from 240p to 720p.

Step 3: Enjoy Live Earth View From Space

Watch Earth From Space Live

Now you can enjoy the view of space like an Astronaut.

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